43/52: more magnificent mauve

The glorious rhododendron is reaching the tail-end of its seasonal flowering. I can always rely on it commemorating my dear departed mother’s birthday each October, which is rather appropriate, because this plant was transplanted from my parents’ home in Mitcham many years ago.

a mass of mauvebeautiful at any anglea wall of colourblushing rhododendronmisty mauveoutside the bedroom windowThe colour can vary on a really sunny day, but these flowers are beautiful in any weather.

in bright sunlight

42/52: brilliant bottlebrush

There are a number of flowers known colloquially as bottlebrush, so-called for their similarity to a brush designed to clean out bottles, but my favourite is the one in my garden, Callistemon citrinus.

This particular one, native to south-eastern Australia and from the family Myrtaceae, is sometimes called Crimson Bottlebrush, for the colour of its flowers, or Lemon Bottlebrush, for its slightly lemon-scented leaves, I assume.

beautiful bottlebrushbeyond the bottlebrushCallistemon citrinuscolours of SpringMaking a vibrant show of colour in Spring, it has proven to be a hardy plant for the garden.