50/52: it’s a baby blueberry

Having discovered an enjoyment of baking with blueberries, I decided it was time last year to add a couple of blueberry plants to our mini orchard. The new plants represented potential blueberry friands.

two blueberry plants

And now, finally, nineteen months later, one little blueberry has appeared. Hopefully this will herald the imminent arrival of many more. Perhaps this is all we will get this year, but it’s a start.

the first blueberry

However, I am a little concerned about the leaves, which seem a little speckled. I think if I expect fruit I am going to have to be more knowledgeable about diseases to avoid or treat.

If any green-thumbed readers know why they look like that, please comment. Otherwise, I will need to do some internet research. After all, Google is my friend.

blueberry leaves

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