9/14: back to concrete reality

Having just been on two almost back-to-back cruises, we are now back to reality. Since my husband had one more week of leave (vacation), there was a job in the back yard that has been awaiting his attention for some time.

Every now and then a paver comes loose on the bluestone steps, and the idea is to wait until there are a few to do, so that you’re not mixing up silly little amounts of mortar. Suddenly there are eight or nine that have come adrift and it becomes a big job!

Anyway, it’s done now, and looking good. It entailed him chipping off the old mortar, then painting Bondcrete on for extra adherence before cementing the pavers in place with a mix of both mortar and Bondcrete. I managed to Bondcrete three pavers and one step before losing interest and letting him do the rest. My generosity in these matters is legendary.

a chip off the old block

dabbing on Bondcrete

applying Bondcrete and mortar

It left me free to do some necessary weeding of some garden beds. We definitely make a good team, as you can see by the results.

repaired bluestone steps

8/14: my three men

I don’t know why we still call Shadow and Zorro boys, or even refer to them as the “babies”, when they are even older than Dutchy. In human years they are fifteen, but if you multiply that by seven, they are supposedly 105. That can’t be right.

However, according to calculatorcat.com, this is wrong, so I was actually correct. Apparently cats mature early, so it becomes a sliding scale. That makes our boys 77.

My three men

By the way, Dutchy is nowhere near 77!

7/14: a little overgrown

Although the house and cat-sitters did a great job with the watering and looking after Shadow and Zorro while we were away on a cruise, chronicled in travels with princess and quiquinou, weeding was not part of the expectation.

We have been back for six days before yet another cruise tomorrow – crazy, but somebody has to do it, and luckily for us, we are those (larger) bodies.

Dutchy found time between us attending a wedding on the weekend and repacking to repair our sprinkler system that has lain idle for years, due to the drought of 2009 with its severe water restrictions. I have managed to spend time out in the garden also, finishing off today with pruning and weeding an overgrown area in the middle tier before we set off tomorrow. Au revoir!

a little overgrowna path is discovered

6/14: the first tomato

The first tomato has ripened, just in time for our return from our NZ cruise, which you can read all about if you click on Travels with Princess and Quiquinou on the princessprattles header. Thanks to our house and cat-sitters, my sister and brother-in-law, the garden has been kept watered during Melbourne’s extreme heatwave.

the first tomato for 2014

There is nothing like a fresh home-grown tomato!