12/14: hi hibiscus and silverbeet sentinels

hibiscusAs we slip slowly into Autumn, the hibiscus seems to be telling me it likes this tropical weather. I love my plants, and if they have been a gift, when I look at them I always think of the person who gave them to me, bringing extra pleasure.

I cleaned up the area on the other side of the rose arbour, and was struck by the symmetry of nature. These two silverbeet plants self-seeded, and coincidentally are growing in the same location on each side of the path – couldn’t have planned it better myself! They stand like little soldier sentinels.

silverbeet sentinels

10/14: a surprise raised vegie patch

I love a good surprise, and this one was no exception. Wanting to get back into a good habit of composting, I took a container of vegetable scraps to put in the compost bin outside the laundry and wow, I was bowled over (only metaphorically, thank goodness). With no attention over the last month or so, while we were travelling, my compost bin suddenly became a raised vegie patch. I can see both pumpkin plants and tomatoes in there.

creative compost


I compost somewhat haphazardly, which is why in a couple of months I will be attending a free composting workshop run by the local council, which will no doubt provide some fodder for another post.