22/14: be true to yourself when you blog


Ben Huberman’s post arrived in my Outlook inbox this morning.


I don’t always comment on posts I read, but I did today:

“Your post came at an opportune time, when I was starting to question my validity, based on likes and comments. Tsk! tsk! I should know better than that.  I must remind myself that I am blogging because I enjoy it; you can’t please all the people all of the time, and if you are chasing “likes” sometimes you might compromise your content just to “fit in” and then nobody wins…
Be true to yourself and over time the stats should reflect that most readers appreciate honesty and enthusiasm, but do not necessarily “like” or leave comments.”

To add further to this, let’s be gentle on ourselves. I know we all go through self-doubt at times, but if we enjoy blogging why not focus on that enjoyment? Anything else will then be the icing on the cake.

Recently I changed the direction of my blog, which could well lose some readers, but on the other hand may gain more. I needed to inject some extra enthusiasm. Today I will showcase a few photos from my media library from when I was focussing purely on my garden and my cats, as opposed to my new tag “all things creative“.

Feel free to “like” or comment, or both, or neither! Regardless, I shall continue to blog because I have fun doing it.

peach roses offset by an azure sky

 Zorro sprawled across the entrance hall

yellow as can be

Shadow has gone potty

filtered sunlight

excuse me but I have a use for that barrel Oct 1991



6 thoughts on “22/14: be true to yourself when you blog

  1. Hi Sandi, (my ex.lunch buddy) I had to write to say, I love your blogs, actually look forward to receiving them. Please keep up the good work, you’re so inspiring ..
    Thank you..xx

  2. I have been behind lately in so many things, and have thought a lot about this post. Your friend Sandra’s comment was very uplifting. And, with only 1 post on my blog and many many thoughts going around on the treadmill I call my mind and brain, I have to be diligent in putting down my ideas. I was sidelined by a couple of negative comments in regard to my blog. And, those who I thought were supportive, were not. And, I will only think of the ones who are very supportive of me, and what I do. So, this post Sandi did me a world of good. Thanks for posting this. Onwards, and Upwards !

    • You certainly can’t quit after only posting once! As with most things, the more you practise, the better you get. Will be expecting a post from you in the very near future. Good luck, and thank you for your continued support.

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