35/14: the case of the missing magpie

Isn’t it ironic that I just posted a picture of my lovely magpie garden ornament, and then I looked out the window to find it had disappeared?

case of the disappearing magpie

Maybe I was wrong, and it wasn’t an ornament, but an actual magpie, the victim of some magic spell that had it frozen and suspended in time, awaiting a kiss from a prandsome hince? I enjoy the occasional¬†spoonerism, as well as a fairy tale!

Attitude is everything. I could feel violated and unsafe in my own neighbourhood, or just cop it sweet and realise how lucky I am to have had my magpie for a number of years. The cost of the ornament and the time I had him probably balances out to a fair rental.

I’m tipping that some avid Collingwood supporter has coveted said magpie for some time, and finally caved to their inner immoral side ūüė¶

We don’t have a front fence, which some could say is an open invitation for theft, but I refuse to give into the fear of other items being stolen, by moving them. None of the other ornaments represent Australian football teams, so maybe they could be deemed safer. And it’s not like I don’t have plenty of others. Perhaps the assailant assumed I had so many I wouldn’t miss just one of them?

   ornaments in front garden (4)

  ornaments in front garden (6) ornaments in front garden (7)

ornaments in front garden (3)

ornaments in front garden (9)

ornaments in front garden (1)

ornaments in front garden (2)

As you can see, two themes are prevalent here: birds and cherubs. One good thing about blogging is that you take more photos, which means at least I can treasure the  memory of my little garden magpie, even if he is no longer here.

which magpie is not real (3)

34/14: a visit from the birds

Glancing out my bedroom window I spied two Rosellas sitting on one of my weeping Japanese maples

I had just enough time to get my camera, but unfortunately I only managed to take one snap before they flew away.

rosellas on the maple

While on the subject of birds, I have a realistic ornamental magpie sitting in the front garden, providing an interesting comparison between a recent feathered visitor and the one in situ. See if you can spot the fake!

which magpie is not real (3)

which magpie is not real (1)

which magpie is not real (2)




33/14: creative card making – card enhancing

Card enhancing? When I’m in a hurry to make an occasion card, sometimes I take a notecard, which already has a base design, add some Calligraphy and other embellishments.

I love to recycle, and have brought this to my card-making. Sometimes I use scraps of paper leftover from other projects, cardboard from cereal packets, coloured card backings from purchased items. Tearing, cutting, punching, and then placing in an aesthetically pleasing way can create a myriad of effects. Utilising foam double-sided tape, squares or dots adds another dimension to the cards.


card enhancing Paris theme

card enhancing with cardboard

I thought this Ronde Character script added a Parisian flair to the inside of the card. Decorating the outside of the envelope adds interest.

Calligraphy Ronde Character

You may think you are not creative, but if you borrow other people’s ideas you can adapt them to your own needs, and before you know it, you may unleash your latent creativity and become addicted to this form of self-expression!

32/14: my first mobile post

A new experience for me is to attempt a post from my mobile phone. My first attempt half an hour ago failed, as I was trying to post from my iPhone 3GS.
I had already typed the post, then wanted to (cleverly and easily I thought) upload a photo from my camera roll. There the problem started. Apparently the connection was lost and a little suggestion appeared to exit WordPress and reconnect. Now usually, on my laptop, a draft is automatically saved. Not so here.
Now I’m trying my new IPhone 4S but have just realised the photos on my camera roll are still on the other phone. Oh the frustrations of modern technology!
Solution? Leave that photo for another day and go now and take a fresh photo especially for you! Here goes:

This is our beautiful front door, lead lighted with money from our Deal or No Deal TV appearance back in 2009.
I may have to edit this post later to add categories and tags, but for now this should suffice. Now I shall hold my breath as I hit “publish” and hopefully I will have taken another forward step on my technological journey!

30/14: camellias for my birthday

Among other presents, I picked a vase of camellias from my garden to add to my birthday festival. I’ll need to pace myself during the next week, as I am going out to lunch almost every day. What a life I lead!¬† I feel truly blessed.

This particular pink camellia is also known as the sneaky camellia. For those new to blogs, click on the blue words to read about it.

camellias for my birthday (1)

Born on the first of July, I share my birthday with some famous people, such as John Farnham and Princess Diana. It is also Canada Day and surprisingly, when I was in the city of Melbourne yesterday, I came across flags promoting July 1st as Victoria Day. Who knew? And how long has this been going on? Lastly, it signals the start of Australia’s New Financial Year.

camellias for my birthday (2)