32/14: my first mobile post

A new experience for me is to attempt a post from my mobile phone. My first attempt half an hour ago failed, as I was trying to post from my iPhone 3GS.
I had already typed the post, then wanted to (cleverly and easily I thought) upload a photo from my camera roll. There the problem started. Apparently the connection was lost and a little suggestion appeared to exit WordPress and reconnect. Now usually, on my laptop, a draft is automatically saved. Not so here.
Now I’m trying my new IPhone 4S but have just realised the photos on my camera roll are still on the other phone. Oh the frustrations of modern technology!
Solution? Leave that photo for another day and go now and take a fresh photo especially for you! Here goes:

This is our beautiful front door, lead lighted with money from our Deal or No Deal TV appearance back in 2009.
I may have to edit this post later to add categories and tags, but for now this should suffice. Now I shall hold my breath as I hit “publish” and hopefully I will have taken another forward step on my technological journey!

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