41/14: spring is here

Woah-oh-oh, skies are blue… Oh sorry, this isn’t karaoke kool kats.com. I was just about to break out into song (Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups).

Spring is definitely here, with a magnificent show of irises and other seasonal delights. What a joy to be out in the garden on such a delightful day!

beautiful irises


40/14: more pretty flowers in regional france

flowers in France

Going on walks is always a good way to see Nature at her best. Beautiful flowers always bring a smile to my face.

Even weeds can look attractive in their symmetry, such as dandelions, as long as they’re not in my garden!


spherical dandelion

spherical dandelion



At night under the streetlight they create a lovely contrast.


And in the morning, as the sun rises, we see a silhouette of stems.

sunrise silhouette