337/366: preparing a place for a chook shed

Up in the very back corner of our almost one third of an acre suburban block, is a perfect spot for a chook shed. In the top tier, adjacent to the circle of shame, it is probably the most unkempt area of the back yard, so this is a good way to reclaim it.

place for a chook shedshade for the chook shedThere is also plenty of room for a good chook run, so they can run fairly freely.

area for the chook run

So we have started clearing it in preparation for the potential chook shed. Then when we have chooks, they will be able to do the work keeping that area weed-free. Not only that, but we will have fresh eggs and chook manure for fertiliser…

Hey, slow down! Jumping ahead a little there; we still have to finish clearing the area!

clearing the areaAt least we have now made a start, and this project is a joint effort, not left entirely up to me, so hopefully it will move ahead at a good pace.