15/15: july calendar

 July Quote



13/15: grief quote in memory of mum’n’dad


Grief Quote

Fourteen years ago today, a double funeral was held for my parents, who died a day apart. Devastated, at the time we were sustained by the belief that at least they were together. A couple of months later that didn’t seem fair, because that meant we were orphans. Although we were fully-grown adults, most with families of our own, that sense of utter loss was overwhelming. Well-meaning comments of “they had a good innings” were not appreciated, although they were made by those trying to be helpful.
However, time passes and the grief can take a back seat, with fond memories and recollections taking the place of that all-encompassing sense of loss.

The above quote, by an unknown author, is calligraphed by me, in Ronde Character, with love.

9/15: the april fool

The answer to the question I posed in my last post (hmmm, what a good segue into my next post), is that April actually has thirty days. The error occurred because February and April both started on the same day of the week. To save time preparing the calendar for reproduction (and no, that won’t be a post any time soon), I used February as a base, but forgot to add those two extra days.

Remember the old rhyme?

thirty days hath September

Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, excepting February, which has twenty-eight days clear, and twenty-nine each leap year.

When I do the calendar for next year I must be vigilant!





8/15: april calendar

April Quote

But who was the April fool? Oui, moi. See if you can spot the mistake below. So much for my pride as a proof-reader. Pride cometh before a fall as we all know. Then when you have found the error, suggest how it may have occurred. I shall answer these questions in my next post.


7/15: time marches on

How can it be a quarter of the way through the year already? Obviously if I didn’t post this by 31st March it would be too late to use this title.

I wonder if anyone has even noticed how few posts I’ve put on WordPress this year; a far cry from the year I took the challenge to do a post every day.

The petunias have had their season as we seriously move into autumn, apart from this week’s splash of late summer.