183/366: it’s my birthday and we’re halfway thru

C’est mon anniversaire. It’s 1st July, and in Australia it is the beginning of the financial year as well as my 56th birthday. That may sound old, but not when you compare it with 80 or 90. Have you noticed how “old” seems to always be at least 20 years older than yourself?

My daughter coloured my hair yesterday and I was delighted with the result. Last night at our karaoke gig my husband sang “Happy Birthday Baby” – thank you for a lovely dedication!!

One of the presents I received was a cute T-shirt from our Canadian friends.

For all of us involved in the WordPress Project 365 challenge, today marks the hump. We are halfway through the challenge! Well done to my fellow enthusiasts.

If you will allow me to be a little self-indulgent today (it is my birthday after all), I would like to reassess my theme for 2012, which has been 366 days and 26 years in my garden for the last six months. The cats have sneaked into this blog because they share my love of the garden. Recipes got a guernsey if I had grown the produce in my garden.

But I have decided to broaden the theme for the second half of the year to include my house. It may include interior decorating ideas, inside DIY projects, and maybe even a random recipe or two. Of course, now I will also be able to add photos of the cats inside the house, much to my delight, and to other cat lovers out there in cyberspace. For the non-cat lovers, you are welcome to ignore those posts.

Sometimes I have been a little stressed about “posting my blog” each day, but if I increase the range of topics about which I write, I will have more scope and less hassle. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, so let’s keep it that way.

So now I will be tagging the posts “366 days and 26 years in my house and garden” and then at the end of the year I will have another look at where I am heading. Just like my garden, this blog is ever-evolving, and I appreciate your time and hope you continue to share my journey.

25/366: cats keeping company

Obviously I enjoy being out in the garden, judging by this blog, but it is always a delight when my boys keep me company while I am out toiling in the soil or weeding the green.

I’m happy to be distracted by Shadow and Zorro if they come up and demand some attention, be it a pat on the head or a scruff on the tummy. These boys are now thirteen years old, so I treasure my time with them, because you never know when they are near the end of their days. That extra weed can always wait a little longer to be extracted.

my very own dotcom site!

Now that I have completed my first blog, which is travelswithprincessandquiquinou, about 35,000 words logging our 2011 round the world trip, I am branching out in the blogging world with my very own dotcom address.

I plan to have various segments on different topics, from gardening to motor scooter riding and any other topics that interest me. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I plan to!