366/366: full circle

An achievement in itself has been managing to blog every day of the year. I am commemorating this auspicious occasion with some good news. The semi-circle of shame is no longer. I mentioned that I would do the grand unveiling on New Year’s Eve, so here ’tis.

Having weeded it all, it was ready to attack, by removing some soil and recycling some old vinyl and rocks.

weeded and ready to attack

recycling vinyl and rocks


almost finishedAlmost complete, I will probably add more river rocks to the arrangement, but for now it will suffice.

WordPress’s Project 365 challenge has encouraged me to write every day, and it is true: the more you write, the more you want to write. However, I know that on some occasions I was scratching around for a post, so next year I will not be forcing myself to do it daily. Hopefully, my posts can be more thoughtful, although sometimes it’s fun just sharing a photo I like, with little or no writing. I’m looking at posting weekly on princessprattles, freeing myself up to work on my novel, my other blogs, and maybe even introduce a couple more. Yes, addicted to blogging and loving it.

Have a fantastic New Year, and aspire to great things. The possibilities are endless.

171/366: giant river pebbles

Yes, yes, I know that giant river pebbles are actually river stones or river rocks, but somehow this title struck a chord with me. If you are familiar with my blog/s, you may have noticed that I seem to enjoy creating the titles of each post.

Many years ago when I was deciding on a career to follow, one of my ideas was to go into advertising. That never happened, but over the years in other areas I have designed logos and mottos anyway, but now I get to make some cutesy and hopefully sometimes clever titles every day, thanks to blogging.

Back to the story of the giant river pebbles. The other day I was fortunate enough to get a pile of rocks. From the same neighbours, because they had sold the rear land behind their house, I was able to dig out a whole lot of these stones that otherwise would have been bulldozed away. Recycling, way to go!

I reversed up the drive, and loaded them straight into the boot of my little hatchback on some tarp. Again, more ideas for other corners of the garden abound. Stay tuned!