90/366: pressed for time

What a surprise! I went outside to do something entirely different, and ended up taking a stroll down Memory Lane, a place I often like to visit.

I managed to be distracted by the Black-eyed Susan, a flower of which was lying on the patio. Even when I cut it back, it manages to find a way to survive. Maybe I’ll train it onto some trellis where I would prefer it to be? It seems to be having a battle with the Asparagus Fern.

Aha, I thought, it might be a good idea to press that. Not having pressed any flowers for years, I sourced the flower press. Even though I am rather a hoarder, most of the time I can still find things, though the percentage of success varies.

My trip to the past involved finding some flowers I had pressed from bouquets my daughters had received at the end of the Calisthenics year in 1994. I must remember those, as they could be used successfully for scrapbooking, a hobby I plan to return to in the winter months.

My favourite finding was the flower that looks almost like a water colour painting. Now, that’s a sample of life imitating art.