22/14: be true to yourself when you blog


Ben Huberman’s post arrived in my Outlook inbox this morning.


I don’t always comment on posts I read, but I did today:

“Your post came at an opportune time, when I was starting to question my validity, based on likes and comments. Tsk! tsk! I should know better than that.  I must remind myself that I am blogging because I enjoy it; you can’t please all the people all of the time, and if you are chasing “likes” sometimes you might compromise your content just to “fit in” and then nobody wins…
Be true to yourself and over time the stats should reflect that most readers appreciate honesty and enthusiasm, but do not necessarily “like” or leave comments.”

To add further to this, let’s be gentle on ourselves. I know we all go through self-doubt at times, but if we enjoy blogging why not focus on that enjoyment? Anything else will then be the icing on the cake.

Recently I changed the direction of my blog, which could well lose some readers, but on the other hand may gain more. I needed to inject some extra enthusiasm. Today I will showcase a few photos from my media library from when I was focussing purely on my garden and my cats, as opposed to my new tag “all things creative“.

Feel free to “like” or comment, or both, or neither! Regardless, I shall continue to blog because I have fun doing it.

peach roses offset by an azure sky

 Zorro sprawled across the entrance hall

yellow as can be

Shadow has gone potty

filtered sunlight

excuse me but I have a use for that barrel Oct 1991



8/14: my three men

I don’t know why we still call Shadow and Zorro boys, or even refer to them as the “babies”, when they are even older than Dutchy. In human years they are fifteen, but if you multiply that by seven, they are supposedly 105. That can’t be right.

However, according to calculatorcat.com, this is wrong, so I was actually correct. Apparently cats mature early, so it becomes a sliding scale. That makes our boys 77.

My three men

By the way, Dutchy is nowhere near 77!

5/14: zorro misses mummy

We are currently cruising around New Zealand, while Shadow and Zorro are (hopefully) being looked after by our house and cat-sitters, (my sister and brother-in-law).

Although I took this photo before I left, Zorro seems to be looking at me with those “I miss you and love you, Mummy” eyes.

Zorro sprawled across the entrance hall

If you would like to read about our cruisin’, feel free to click on Travels with Princess and Quiquinou on the princessprattles header. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

52/52: wishing you a purr-fect Christmas






the place for the treeThis looks like a good place for the Christmas tree, where I can see it from the lounge, the kitchen, and also the patio/entertaining area.

the place for the tree (2)The stand goes first.

the place for the tree (3)Then the first third of the tree rests on the stand.

the place for the tree (4)The middle of the tree is next.

the place for the tree (5)The top of the tree finishes the basic silver tree. Next to come are approximately 300 decorations!

the place for the tree (6)Lastly, Shadow and Zorro wish you a very merry, purr-fect Christmas, as do I.

Love from Sandi Claws xxx

Shadow tries to be Christmassy (2)Zorro gets Christmassy (4)

45/52: cobweb cats

Just before Hallowe’en Shadow and Zorro discovered a hole in the bathroom floor, big enough to jump down into and under the house. How on earth could they find a hole that big? Wouldn’t Mum and Dad have noticed such a gap?

The explanation is simple. We are tackling the huge job of a bathroom renovation, which makes me wonder whether a little blogging on the subject would go down well in the blogosphere? The aforementioned hole was the result of the removal of the bath and waste, just right for a little under-the-house adventure.

Shadow, being black and covered in cobwebs, looked a little alienesque and well-suited for Hallowe’en, reminding me of something out of The Exorcist.

Hallowe'en catZorro waited resignedly patiently while I took photos, before being finally let out exiting graciously through the front door.

what are you looking at?Zorro waits for a photo before exitingAnd then, just as a practice for Hallowe’en, Zorro practised a little magic, of the “now you see him, now you don’t” variety.

now you see himnow you don'tSo thanks, boys, for doing a sweep and de-cobwebbing areas that will never see the light of day!