341/366: decorating zorro

peek-a-boo Zorro poinsettia soft-focus Christmas Zorro

Zorro looked cute sitting in his little wicker basket on the patio, but I thought of a way to make him look even cuter. Why not decorate him for Christmas?

I surrounded him with the three potted poinsettias that I bought as a little Christmas treat, added a little holly, and proceeded to take a few shots. Impressively, he just sat there letting me do this decorating around him, and purring at the same time.

Continuing the season and signing off as Sandi Claus/Sandi Claws…


340/366: Christmas cat

Willy and Bubble

Prior to our first cats, Bubble and Squeak, our first “child” had been Willy, a stuffed toy who was the mascot of the Australian 1984 Olympic Games. For many years I used to dress him up for the occasion that is Christmas.

Years ago I took photos of the cats with a Christmas flavour to use on Christmas cards. Today I am featuring Bubble, our dear departed white cat, whom we had from 1985-1999.

Bubble the Christmas cat

Another time I made some cards myself, wishing everyone a purr-fect Christmas.

Now for a variation on Sandi Claus, appropriately changing the spelling for the occasion:

Merry Christmas from Sandi Claws > ^..^<