360/366: the festivities continue

As if to wish me a Merry Christmas, yesterday Zorro jumped up onto the coffee table where I had put the poinsettias temporarily and sat directly behind them. He stayed there while I raced to get my camera, seemingly knowing that I would love to have a festive shot for my blog for Christmas Day.

Zorro posed for this all by himself

Even Shadow had a go, although he wasn’t as centrally located, but cute nevertheless.

Shadow gets in on the acttable set for Christmas lunch

I love setting the table for a festive occasion.

ready for Christmas lunchSharing Christmas with family is special, and a lovely spread was enjoyed by all.

mine - yum

roast Christmas lunchMerry Christmas from Sandi Claus.

354/366: willy and the poinsettias

Sounds a bit like a rock group, doesn’t it? Willy and the Poinsettias. No, it’s our cute little koala surrounded by real live poinsettias, purchased especially for the festive season.

Willy and the poinsettiasEnjoy the Christmas period, and don’t get too stressed. Take time for yourself to relax and recuperate, ready for family gatherings and other social events. Love from Sandi Claus xxx

And lastly, remember the real reason for the season!

348/366: seasons greetings from shadow

It was Shadow’s turn for my attempt at a Christmas photo shoot. I saw him sitting in Zorro’s spot on the patio and quickly threw some decorations around him.

Maybe I could decorate Shadow

However, one of the first snaps I took turned out the best, except that it showed his hair, sorry fur, thinning, but at least it was in focus.

best of the bunch

He was being decidedly uncooperative, and I was having trouble focussing because he kept moving his head. The funniest shot was him looking like he was auditioning for a part in The Exorcist, or some Hallowe’en movie. Sometimes the most candid or unplanned photos can be the best.

shades of the exorcist

As Christmas draws inexorably nearer, Sandi Claus, or in this case Sandi Claws, wishes you the best of the season.

344/366: watch out for reindeer on the patio

Although I am “going troppo” on the patio, because it is December I have made an exception by including some decorative reindeer, which are definitely not found in the tropics.

reindeer alert

It is a reminder of our northern hemisphere counterparts who have Christmas in winter, while we often sweat it out under our southern skies here in Australia.

340/366: Christmas cat

Willy and Bubble

Prior to our first cats, Bubble and Squeak, our first “child” had been Willy, a stuffed toy who was the mascot of the Australian 1984 Olympic Games. For many years I used to dress him up for the occasion that is Christmas.

Years ago I took photos of the cats with a Christmas flavour to use on Christmas cards. Today I am featuring Bubble, our dear departed white cat, whom we had from 1985-1999.

Bubble the Christmas cat

Another time I made some cards myself, wishing everyone a purr-fect Christmas.

Now for a variation on Sandi Claus, appropriately changing the spelling for the occasion:

Merry Christmas from Sandi Claws > ^..^<

339/366: a seasonal change to the patio

In the interests of having a jolly holly Christmas, I thought I would make the patio a little more festive. Where has the year gone by the way?

I cut some holly from my real live holly bush, and then I spray painted it gold. I’m not sure how long this will last on live leaves, but it’s worth a try. Perhaps I should have let them dry out first? But then they may have looked withered. Time will tell.

golden holly leaves

Once they were dry I put the sprays in a little pot stuffed with oasis foam (the type florists use in arrangements), then topped it off with some of my ubiquitous river pebbles.

sprays of golden holly

It now rests on the outdoor table, attached to the umbrella with a cable tie, to prevent it falling over. Underneath, as though they are under mistletoe, are two kissing cherubs.

under the mistletoe

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Seasons Greetings from Sandi Claus.