53/366: gotta love these pebbles

In some areas where the mulch is wearing down, I have elected to replace it with stones. They seem to be the new “in” thing in gardens, but have in fact been around for years. As usual, even garden fashions change. Weeds can still sneak in, but the good thing about stones and pebbles is that they are a fairly permanent fixture. They don’t rot down, but need a greater outlay of money in the first place. Mulch is a consumable, which protects the ground from weeds until it starts to rot down, but if you don’t top it up quickly enough, can actually encourage more weeds because it provides a compost base on which to thrive.

On ebay you can sometimes pick up a bargain for the garden. In this case I managed to buy a number of 10 kilo bags of these stones at a fraction of the price that I would have had to pay at a garden supply outlet.

This little corner of the garden, near the front porch, was requiring all too regular weeding, partly because I had seaside daisy growing there, so a neatening-up was in order. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. Hopefully some of these projects will save some time,  so that I can keep creating, spending less time on actual garden maintenance.