311/366: hats off for the roses

Not strictly related to my garden, this post at least does have roses in it, and a photo of me in my garden, all dressed up and ready to go.

Coming up to the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival, at Eastland on Saturday 13th October I entered the heat for Fashions on the Field, in the two categories Most Elegant Lady and Best Hat. Traditionally this is always done at the races, but Eastland joined forces with Yarra Valley Racing to help promote each other. Retail and Fashions on the Field go hand in hand after all.

I had manufactured my hat from a cute little top hat from a fancy dress shop, added a black veil and feathers, and finally some bling in the form of part of a Christmas decoration. You can definitely say it was a “Sandi Original”.  It complemented my black dress with red flowers, pewter shoes and bling jewellery and bag.

Cutting to the chase, Yours Truly won Best Hat!! That meant, as Winner of Heat One, I would go straight into the Final on Cup Day.

The roses you say, what about the roses? All the contestants won a goodie bag with vouchers and assorted little prizes, plus Most Elegant Lady and Best Hat received a bottle of Emeri Pink Moscato and a beautiful bunch of roses. There you have the tenuous link to my garden. It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to.

All I had to do was go to the Yarra Valley races on Cup Day for the final. The best thing is, I already knew what I was going to wear!

The sad news is that I didn’t win. Big fish in a little pond became little fish in a big pond, with so many well-hatted women out there. Still, a group of seven of us had some fun and a   lovely picnic lunch in country surroundings, and despite the inclement weather, and occasional thunder and lightning, did not get too wet.

And I must remember, I won the best prize of all thirty years ago when I met my husband at the Melbourne Cup.