23/52: flashback to a flash flood 1991

Way back in 1991 we did our first extension to our house.  From the photographic evidence, obviously the next step after extending was suitable drainage.

Meanwhile, our young daughters had lots of fun frolicking in the mud, while I had lots of fun (?) washing their clothes, although that was a small price to pay for the amount of enjoyment they experienced.

While Jackie tentatively splashed around, her little sister Bridget had no such restraints.

Playing in puddles 1991

Busily indulging in some water play, Bridget was positioned only a few metres away from the current location of the tropical garden adjacent to the patio, featured in my previous post, progress of the palms.

Bridget busily playing 1991Splashing about 1991

73/366: from drainage to driveway

Heavily pregnant with our second child, I nevertheless managed to help spread some of the gravel for the drains and the lilydale toppings for the driveway.  In fact, if I recall, that was the extent of my exercise during that period. (That’s all changed now: if I don’t exercise every day I feel dreadful.) But I digress; what a surprise!

This job helped neaten up and widen the driveway until we could eventually afford the       garage and driveway replacement.


72/366: practicalities

Making a garden beautiful  is not always about the aesthetic tasks. Some behind the scenes work is required to form a good foundation. The concrete driveway and path that were provided with the house were very simple and basic, and we needed space next to the house for our two cars.

Having done a great job with the picket fence and gates with a friend’s help,  my husband set about digging channels for good drainage. It has been very useful being married to a tradesman for projects of this nature.