97/366: renovating the renovation


I was never entirely happy with this spot near the porch, (from my blog 53/366 “gotta love those pebbles”), so when I purchased a new cream concrete bench on ebay last week, it was time to renovate the renovation.

My plan was to hide the pipes from the now defunct watering system. Though the water restrictions are relaxed now, in Melbourne we pay for water we use.  Therefore, if we can conserve it, it’s good for both the environment and the wallet.

This surface was a bit too speckled for my liking, so I decided to alter it.

Dabbing paint on with a stencil brush was not very successful..

Perhaps this called for a proper coat of paint, to match the timber on the porch? I used Dulux Weathershield in Colorbond Wheat.

That was much better, but I left the edges speckled for variety, and to help co-ordinate with the supports.

After pruning the Greenstead Magnificent to allow room to sit comfortably, I re-used some rocks from other parts of the garden to form a border for the stones.

Now all that was left to do was open up my ten bags of river pebbles and spread them out over layers of newspaper to prevent weeds getting through.

This time I am very satisfied with the result.