51/366: another corner for creativity

Where the elephant ears had taken over the garden at the edge of the patio next to the garage, was a perfect spot for another little transformation. They were so overgrown that not only did they obscure the English box but created a place for water to run down the leaves onto the patio, which defeats one of the reasons for having a pergola, (to protect it from the weather).

For some days and a fair amount of toil on my behalf, I even managed to move one of the large rocks from up in the back yard by using a trolley. The other larger rock needed more strength, which is where my husband came in handy. I put a fake plant in the corner under the eaves so that I don’t have to water that area.  Adding some little black river pebbles mixed with some slightly larger ones, the job is finished, and I am happy.



37/366: big broad beauty

At the edge of the pergola another plant appeared some time ago. I believe it may have come under the fence from next door. It filled up a spot so I thought nothing more of it, but now it has become rather large, and is encroaching on my English Box specimen.

It has very large, broad, shiny leaves, so when I was at the nursery I looked and thought it might be a Strelitzia, commonly known as Bird of Paradise. However, on googling it, I realised that although there are different varieties of Strelitzia, none of their leaves seemed broad enough. The internet is amazing, but start searching for information and it can lead you to many different sites (and sights), depending on what you “google.” So I searched for “broad leafed plants” and found Aspidistras, but their leaves were too long and again, not wide enough.

Hence I’ve been wasting a lot of time on the computer doing this (unnecessary) research, and not really coming up with anything. By this time I had almost forgotten what the original plant looked like because I had seen so many other photos, so I went outside.

On looking at them freshly, it dawned on me what they remind me of: elephant ears. And bingo, that is exactly what they are! Which variety, I’m still not positive, and I plan to research the botanical name as well, and also what to do with them, but meanwhile I am happy enough with that information.