19/52: signs of autumn

My three beautiful weeping japanese maples, Inaba shidare, continue to delight every autumn, with their vibrant burgundy tones.

They seem to all be at various stages of colour-changing, though unfortunately the photos do not do them justice.

weeping japanese maples in autumn (3)

weeping japanese maples in autumn (2)

weeping japanese maples in autumn (4)

Moving around the garden, there seems to be an abundance of the reddish and burgundy tones, including the delightful nandina.


Even some of the flowers are in an analogous colour range, such as the nerines and fuchsia.



Just when you thought they were all very similar, the marvellous marigolds stand out golden in their contrast.


marvellous marigolds

32/366: future of the fuchsia

A bunch of flowers is lovely, but receiving a flowering plant can be even nicer, as you continue to be given flowers by that person or persons for years to come. Some English visitors gave me a fuchsia in a pot about twelve years ago as a thank you for inviting them over for afternoon tea, and the plant is still alive.

I nearly lost this bush during the drought a few years ago, but fortunately fuchsias are fairly hardy and it regenerated itself. It has varied between being a surviving and at times a flourishing fuchsia.

Since it’s getting a little straggly again I am intending to take cuttings and in early Autumn I will cut it right back and maybe give it a new lease of life.