113/366: kaffir lime

In 2008 we went to Thailand. In Patong, at Pum’s Cooking School, my husband and I learned how to make some delicious Thai dishes.  Used in Thai Green Chicken Curry (gaeng kheo wan gai), kaffir lime leaves impart a lovely flavour, along with coconut milk and green curry paste.

A year or so later we bought a tree so that we would have these leaves ready to go at a moment’s notice. There are now a number of limes on the tree too, which I haven’t utilised yet. Apparently, though not particularly juicy, the limes are useful for recipes requiring grated lime rind. In the meantime, it is an attractive tree.

Next time I go grocery shopping I think chicken thigh fillets are on the list, as I have suddenly developed a hankering for the dish.