349/366: beautiful birdhouses

I used to walk past an old white weatherboard house often and admire its character and charm. It was obvious that a lot of love and labour had gone into it. Then when it was up for sale I wondered why, when it was so adorable. Perhaps the family was growing up and they needed more space? Was it a marriage breakup? It sparked my imagination.

Last week as I drove towards this house, I saw a sign out the front saying Garage Sale NOW, so being the obedient gal I am, I went and had a look, and I was so glad I did. Among other items, I was fortunate enough to obtain a selection of birdhouses. How true, that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Chatting to the guy, it transpired that it was actually due to a marriage breakup that these items were being sold. How sad, but I can assure you that these birdhouses have been adopted into a good home where they will be truly appreciated.

elongated elegance

elongated elegance

metal tools

metal tools

rustic roughness

rustic roughness

the distressed look

the distressed look

At the moment they are resting on the patio, but will find a special corner in the garden after Christmas.

beautiful birdhouses

144/366: gone potty

The bonus plant I received when I purchased four pots at a garage sale the other day has been relocated to a different pot; one I already had. I didn’t think the grass really suited the more formal concrete pot, so replanting was my option.

I trimmed off all the dead leaves before we moved the plant, which improved its rather sad appearance.

My husband, still on holidays, helped out. He cleverly cut around through the potting mix to make a circular shape, to fit the replacement pot. Otherwise it could have been the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

It had been quite pot-bound, so it was probably a good idea to repot it.

Personally, I prefer the grass in this round pot, which you may remember from another post where I went crazy with the black spray paint.

140/366: garage sale garden goodies

I love the bargains to be found at garage sales, though I try not to frequent them too often, as it impinges on my efforts to deaccumulate. There is almost always something to be found, sometimes finding things that you didn’t even realise you desperately needed. In my defence, I do try to be selective with my purchases, and often will set out to find a particular item.

Today was no exception, as I had settled on looking for garden items. My theory is that this helps save money in the long-term. Also, if I buy for the garden, the “treasures” don’t need to find a home in our already crowded house. The term I use is not necessarily the same word my husband coins. His is more likely to be “junk” or “stuff” or “clutter”.

My good deed of starting to tidy my study/studio the other day helped out here, as I unexpectedly found $50 in a container, which seemed to be my reward for finally starting the onerous task of getting that room organised. Hence, I was off to a couple of garage sales this morning.

Among other things, I found some good pots for my garden.

It has a certain antique quality that only comes with age. Isn’t it funny that I don’t like that same antique quality when it appears on my face?! And I don’t mean the moss growing on the side of the pot.

The pair to the concrete pot came with a bonus plant, which I’m not sure is supposed to look half-dead, although being a positive type of person I should be saying half-alive.

A couple of terracotta herb pots completed my garden purchases of the day.

To make it a mini competition, guess how much I paid for all four pots? We’ve already established that I came away with a bargain. There will be no prizes; just a little fun for anyone inclined to join in. Thank you in anticipation for your participation.