161/366: fab new pergola

My trips down Memory Lane are becoming a little more frequent lately. In Winter I spend less time in the garden, so it is fitting to remember past achievements.

Loving the pattern-paved concrete in the driveway, we decided to create an outdoor living area far superior to the patio and pergola we originally started with, although they served us well for over ten years.

We hired professionals to erect the trussed structure, which has become a fabulous outdoor entertaining area, and leads off from the family room right through to the garage, and has housed 21st birthday parties, along with 50th celebrations (or was that commiserations?).

Once painted, the next step would be the concrete.

Money well spent, once again.

156/366: christening the garage

Once the new driveway was finished in 1997, all we had to do was wait for it to set. Then we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the garage.

It coincided with our older daughter’s tenth birthday, so we christened the garage with a child’s birthday party. Lots of advantages there: no kids in the house, the garage was empty (short-lived of course), and it wouldn’t have mattered if it rained.

The finishing touch was a new letterbox.

150/366: a grand garage

We waited until we were able to afford exactly the garage we wanted. Perhaps in earlier years we could have built a carport, or even a single garage, but we did without until early April 1997, finally settling on a design that jutted out past the front of the house.

This allowed us to increase the area of the garage, with a double garage at the front, and almost a single garage-sized workshop and storage centre at the rear of the main garage next to the house.

Because we had waited so long for this garage, I insisted that we need to have a lovely arched window in the side, as it would be visible from the loungeroom. Not wanting to be outdone, my husband insisted on brick infill. What on earth was that? I discovered that he was talking about what would be above the garage door. Some cheaper garages have a timber infill. Classy ones like ours required a huge steel lintel above the door to hold up the bricks he desired. Who was I to argue? So I got my window, he got his brick infill, and we were both happy.

147/366: demise of the alder

The first tree planted in our front garden served us well, only to be cast aside after providing us with greenery and shade for twelve years. Why? For the Grand Garage, something we had been hanging out for in the preceding years.

As we planned to widen the driveway, the alder had to go.



….gone. Looking at the photos, I had forgotten that my husband actually climbed up the tree and chopped it down.  I realise now it looks pretty dangerous. We then opted to have the tree stump professionally removed, necessary for the concreting, unlike the conifers in later years, where we left the stumps at ground level.

Now we were ready for the pièce-de-résistance, the garage!