233/366: feelin’ blue?

No need to feel blue when there are pretty blue flowers in the garden.

The humble forget-me-not is often considered a weed, but it is so pretty with its petite blue flowers and bright green foliage.

I spotted some little grape hyacinths that I forgot we even had. It too, was saying “forget-me-not”! Or rather, since there was more than one, they were saying “forget-us-not”. I also think the point could be argued whether they are purple or blue, but I decided they were close enough to include.

Lastly, a variation of blue is the flower of the rosemary, which is used on Remembrance Day, lest we forget. Again, this could fall into the mauve category, but we all perceive colours differently, and even the camera we use can slightly alter the shade.

Though the colour theme was in my mind while taking these shots, I like the way it all revolved around remembering and not forgetting. That Gingko Biloba must be helping!