332/366: various variegated vegetation

Variegated leaves are those with more than one colour, usually a lighter stripe or mottled look, providing some good visual variety in a garden.

On the eastern side of the back yard next to the fence, I liked the three variegated pittosporum so much that I planted another two right up the back on the top tier.

On a smaller scale, this groundcover just in front of the roses is pretty too.

Interestingly, part of this plant is a normal green, a throwback to its origins?

The grasslike blades of this plant add interest also.

Lastly, even a fern can appear variegated.

I obviously love alliteration, though it may have been overkill had I titled this post      Visual variety of various variegated vegetation.

These plants look even better when they are interspersed between plants with blocks of solid colour.