129/366: maple maintenance

The fact that my Weeping Japanese Maples are not like the Whomping Willow of Harry Potter fame and give one shudder where all the leaves fall off simultaneously, means I have to maintain them manually.

At least the three maples in the front garden are never at exactly the same stage of development, so I can stagger the three-step procedure.

Step 1: donning suitable gloves and stripping the branches.

Step 2: using the dead leaves collected as mulch on an area of garden to help cut weeds.

Step 3: pruning the branches where needed. I find there are too many branches and some of them are growing upwards instead of downwards. Sometimes a green maple leaf will shoot from below the graft.

Occasionally branches criss-cross each other to the point where they are in a tangle, so I streamline them. When the branches are devoid of leaves, it is the best time to tackle this so you can see their exact growth habits.