339/366: a seasonal change to the patio

In the interests of having a jolly holly Christmas, I thought I would make the patio a little more festive. Where has the year gone by the way?

I cut some holly from my real live holly bush, and then I spray painted it gold. I’m not sure how long this will last on live leaves, but it’s worth a try. Perhaps I should have let them dry out first? But then they may have looked withered. Time will tell.

golden holly leaves

Once they were dry I put the sprays in a little pot stuffed with oasis foam (the type florists use in arrangements), then topped it off with some of my ubiquitous river pebbles.

sprays of golden holly

It now rests on the outdoor table, attached to the umbrella with a cable tie, to prevent it falling over. Underneath, as though they are under mistletoe, are two kissing cherubs.

under the mistletoe

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Seasons Greetings from Sandi Claus.

141/366: welcome to the hollies

A few years ago I bought a little welcome sign that had a little folk art done on it. Apologies to the original artist, but I bought it to alter to my own design.

Here is the before shot: (NOT MY ARTWORK)

I tackled it with a broken Christmas ornament, some paint, and wire. Our surname is Holland, and we like to be called “The Hollies” so holly, in its various forms, be it  decorative or a plant in the garden, has become one of a number of recurring themes throughout the house and garden.

The result is attached to the metre box on the front porch: (MY ARTWORK)