201/366: new growth for supermarket spring onions

Once, years ago, in another galaxy far far away… No wait a minute, in another phase of my life, I was a Tupperware lady. In fact, I became a Tupperware manager and had a company car for two years. But that of course, is a different story.

I am introducing a new category to my blog, entitled GADGET GIRL, and from time to time I will tell you about different gadgets I use. At one stage I planned another blog covering gadgets, but realised I was spreading myself a little too thin, so why not incorporate some of them directly here? They certainly fit into the broad theme of “House and Garden”. Usually I edit my work a fair bit, although in today’s blog I am prattling on a bit, as I do from time to time, but it suits the name princessprattles.com.

At one of my demonstrations, I was showing the ladies at the party the fabulous  Fridge-Smart containers, which have little vents on them to control the amount of air particular vegetables require in the fridge.

For example, did you know that broccoli is a “heavy breather” so needs both vents open, while with celery both vents are closed. There is a magnet that tells you which is which.

Spring onions are obviously undecided, as they utilise one vent open, and one vent closed.
A lady pointed out that she doesn’t keep them in the fridge at all, but plants them in the garden, where they keep growing for ages.

I found out she was right, and have been doing that ever since, but this week my plans were foiled, as I bought a bunch from the supermarket, but some of the roots had been chopped off. Oops! Never mind, I managed to plant a few.