104/366: great time management

As owner-builders we got to lockup stage on our extension in record time. This was largely due to extensive planning by my very particular and precise husband, traits that at times can be annoying, and at others fantastic. This was one of the wonderful uses of his skills.

He utilised his annual leave for this project, so although he didn’t get much rest, it was a challenge and ultimately a great achievement.

Ah memories – looking at those nappies hanging on the line. What an eternity ago that seems now.It’s peculiar how the extension looks so small before the walls go up. Perhaps it’s because you can see all the land still left around it, especially since we have an extremely large block of almost 1/3 acre, or 1284 square metres. The extension consisted of two large bedrooms for the girls, plus a room in between which we called “the kids’ retreat.”

The concrete footings were poured, base brickwork and stumps done by the brickie, and the subfloor by my husband and his mate Peter. Now the frame was ready to go up!