23/14: burn for you

burn for you

Not being the most technologically advanced individual, it always pleases me when I have made some small advancement in computer skills.

Don’t judge me too harshly, as I am relatively new to really creative photo-shopping or creating art on the computer. I’ve always been  more a hands-on type, preferring to use traditional media such as pens, pencils and paint. However, I had a bash and came up with this, which I have entitled “Burn for You”. I did it a few months ago, after having my my new laptop for just over six months, and I think I used “Paint”, or was it Adobe Photoshop? Whichever, it was fun manipulating the original photo, which I think was a “selfie”.

Looking at it objectively, it looks a lot like finger-painting, but the best way to learn these skills is often by trial and error. And besides, it was fun!