130/366: mission accomplished

Further to 96/366: planning a project, I am pleased to announce that it was a successful mission. A few sessions were required to complete the task, as I had to dig out where the pavers would go, try to make them fairly level and square, plant the mondo grass and add the river pebbles. Ah, the satisfaction that comes with a completed project is sublime!

96/366: planning a project

Rather than rushing headlong into a project, it is generally a good idea to have the seed of an idea, let it germinate and grow and evolve into something workable.

In this case I am going to use some new square grey pavers, in addition to some offcuts of pavers I already had – a mixture of old and new. Then I will add some river pebbles, again helping protect the path from an overflow of mulch.

Planting some dwarf mondo grass in between the pebbles and pavers is the main part I need to work out, since I have temporarily laid out the pavers where I want them to go.

Now I just need to decide the best placement of the dwarf mondo grass, and see if I need to purchase any more to complete the project. Sounds like a good activity over the Easter break.


91/366: stoned again

With my love for river pebbles reaching fever pitch, I am gradually replacing some areas of mulch with (obviously) longer-lasting stones.

Using the mini pebbles in this narrow garden between the path and the bluestone wall means there is less space for weeds to sneak through than if I used the larger version.

I have planted some dwarf mondo grass along the way as a little feature clump at intervals to add some easy-care greenery. The tag promises they won’t grow too large, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, there is room for some growth.