24/14: mothers in memoriam spark queer coincidences

You may have already seen my Mothers’ Day Memorial, which my husband and I created a year ago in honour of our dear departed mothers, but there may be some queer coincidences to consider here.

mothers' day memorial est. 2013

My mother-in-law passed away at 5am on 05/05/2005. Spooky, eh?

When we created the memorial we planted two Aline azaleas, flanked by three Shirazz azaleas (which by the way, have not yet flowered at all).

The week of the anniversary of  Enid’s death, the azalea on the left blossomed.

Aline azalea representing Enid

Meanwhile, the azalea on the right has been a little later in blooming, as it did this week, and today is the anniversary of my Mum’s passing on 29th May 2001. Therefore, this azalea represents Elaine.

Aline azalea representing Elaine

As if that wasn’t weird enough, beyond the azaleas is my beautiful huge rhododendron. We transplanted this back in 1986 from the house where I grew up in Mitcham.

perhaps the azaleas and rhododendron bring greetings from beyond

This plant normally flowers in late October, just in time for Mum’s birthday. Suddenly this week, a couple of days before winter officially starts, a random purple rhododendron has blossomed.

purple rhododendron representing Jack

Technically speaking, this could be explained by the recent spell of amazingly warm autumn weather, but spiritually this could be a whole different ball game.

My father died a day after my mother, on 30th May, 2001, and I suspect that if the azaleas have something to do with the ladies sending a little hello our way, perhaps the rhododendron is representing Dad in some faraway greeting. RIP, my beautiful parents and mother-in-law.


21/14: mothers’ day memorial one year on

Last year on Mothers’ Day weekend, at my suggestion, my husband and I undertook a project to create a memorial. In this instance I am using the apostrophe to indicate more than one mother since it was for both our dearly departed mums. The project commenced with these bricks.

ready for planting

One year on it is looking lovely, and a real magpie even came to help commemorate the occasion.

a magpie visits the memorial

This Aline azalea bloomed this week, which seemed rather fitting since both our mothers died in May of different years.

Aline azalea

Happy Mother’s Day to all, whether yours are the human kind or furry kind.

20/52: mothers’ day memorial garden

Although generally I am pretty good at grammar, I’m never sure whether to put the apostrophe before or after the “s” for this particular day, as it depends if you are talking singular or plural: Mother’s Day if you are only referring to your own mother, but Mothers’ Day for the general populous of female parents.

In this case I am going plural, as last weekend I enlisted my husband’s help to create a memorial garden bed for our mothers. Utilising bricks I had been given (hooray, finally finished clearing them off the path that had been their home for months), we, (meaning he: my design, his labour of love), made a circle for a cast iron birdbath to take pride of place in its centre.

Planning and preparing the area had to be done prior to the planting. My original plan of a three brick radius had to be modified to two, for the available space (and bricks).

initial planning

dig, level and measure

check levels

  ready for planting

hard at work on a labour of love

Then, five azaleas were placed around one side, making another attractive vista from our bedroom window. Three smaller Shirazz azaleas sit adjacent to the others.

Shirazz Azalea

The two white Aline azaleas, one in memory of my darling mother, Elaine, (d. 2001), and the other for my wonderful mother-in-law, (d. 2005), contrasting against the burgundy foliage of the Shirazz, should make a brilliant show in future years.

Aline Azalea

My own children were unavailable that weekend, with one holidaying in the USA and the other working in hospitality, but I know our ♥love♥ is strong. To compensate, I still had my furry boys Shadow and Zorro, and I so appreciate my husband’s labour of love on this project, so it was a lovely day, and a most fitting one to honour our mothers who brought us forth into life.

a fitting tribute to our mothers

P.S. As my own tribute, I decided to start another blog, based on families, relationships and human behaviour, which you can find at princesspoppsychology.wordpress.com.

134/366: roses for mother’s day

In Australia we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, which is today. Happy Mother’s Day to all mums, and a special prayer for all our mothers who are no longer with us on this earth, but remain with us in our hearts.

One of the loveliest presents I ever received was not a bunch of roses, but a rose bush, the gift that keeps on giving. The plant is now over twenty years old, and holds a special place in my heart.

Admittedly, my husband rather than our daughters came up with this idea, but it was certainly a good one. What is better than a dozen long-stemmed red roses? Many dozen!

It is a perpetual gift that I treasure.