285/366: ye olde oak tree at the station

There is an old oak tree at the station under which my husband always parks the car before catching the train into work. Then I walk the 35 minutes to retrieve the car, and he generally walks home.

These days I sometimes take my camera with me, knowing I might spot something suitable for my blog relating to the garden. When I go early enough I can be treated to a sunrise. Of course that’s much easier in winter and early spring when the days are shorter.

This way I start the day with a good morning walk, setting me up for the day. It helps to be warmed up before you venture out into the garden, as there is less chance of injury, as well as being more awake and alert.


211/366: silhouette collaborative project #3

This is the third and final in the series of silhouettes.

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As with the first week, this is a silhouette taken with the sun rising, of a majestic old oak. The phrase great oaks from little acorns grow springs to mind. You can still see a few leaves with their distinctive shape, the remnants of the autumn shedding of a deciduous tree.