23/366: one section at a time

Sometimes I look out at the garden and feel slightly overwhelmed, as there is always a lot to do, but then I remind myself to tackle it bit by bit. Remember how to eat an elephant? – one bite at a time.

Long ago we planted a little cutting of ivy as a ground cover and of course it has taken over in some areas. However, nice greenery is provided by this ivy, so I am keeping it. Just like giving our kids boundaries, so too must we limit where ivy can grow. We don’t want obnoxious, spoiled children, or excessive ivy.

I remember many years ago thinking it would be lovely to buy an established house with an overgrown garden in which you could make wonderful discoveries, and now here I am in my own garden uncovering personally-designed treasures!

In this case, the upper steps with bluestone edging look quite striking when they are neatened up, and provide a grand entrance to the top tier.