2/52: planting palms

Since we purchased a number of palms, the next step was to plant them. Hopefully they will fare well, as we have had extreme temperatures of late of almost 40 degrees Celsius.

I had originally contemplated adding another bluestone wall to section of this area, but when I removed lots of ivy I discovered a few rocks underneath. Adding the two larger bluestone blocks has provided enough of a barrier that a structured wall is probably overkill, much to my labourer husband’s delight.

Nevertheless, with his digging skills, guess who had the task of planting all the palms? That was obviously a rhetorical question.

first palm planted

The first palm planted was a Canary Island palm, Phoenix canariensis.

second palm planted

The second palm,  Phoenix roebelinii went in. I was excited because my tropical garden was finally under way.

my tropical garden in the middle tier  The rest of the palms will feature in further posts, as I have to pack.

Another trip? Yessiree, a New Zealand cruise, about which I will later be blogging on Travels with Princess & Quiquinou.

279/366: a tropical walk in the burbs

Lately on my morning walks I have been paying attention to tropical plants, as my garden takes on a new theme.

We can’t see the Dandenongs from our block, but most places I walk I can see them in the distance.

At sunrise palms always look lovely silhouetted against the sky.

And lastly, most tree ferns I know are not as tall as a house.

230/366: goin’ troppo

It’s time to go all-out troppo. With my love of conifers still intact, I am branching out into palms and ferns as I recreate the patio area.

Naturally it is raining today because I was ready to plant the palm and three ferns that I bought yesterday. Never mind, I can be planning the exact position for each one while the weather is inclement.

You may like to have a sneak preview while they are still nestled in their pots:

I am a great believer in anticipation being half the fun. So here I sit, in anticipation.

225/366: don’t palm me off

On the patio under the fab new pergola I have two fringed umbrellas, which made me think a tropical atmosphere could be created there.

With the beautiful large tree fern in the corner, and a cane shelf, I think some palms could look very nice. In yonder days when indoor house plants were all the rage, I had a couple of potted palms, although they never seemed to survive a great length of time. Perhaps that’s why I never considered them for the garden?

Other reasons contributed: my indiscriminate love of conifers for one. Also,many palms are only suited to tropical climates, and being in a temperate zone in Melbourne, Australia, frosts could get to them. However, looking around here I have realised that there are some that grow here successfully.

I’ve taken some snaps of some in the neighbourhood, to form the basis for my research.

Quite impressive plants, but the only trouble is that I don’t know the names of these varieties. Never mind, I’m sure my old friend Google can help when it is time to start buying and planting.