319/366: recycled fence extension

 Attacking the garden with renewed vigour after our recent holiday to Thailand, I think I overdid it yesterday, since it was one of the worst hayfever days of the season.

The recycled bamboo blinds on the paling fence at the end of the pergola did not cover the whole fence, so I still needed to add something at the top that would also provide a screen between the neighbour’s window and our outdoor entertaining area.

I used some treated pine lattice that was lying around, and attached some recycled pieces of brush fencing with a staple gun, which also helped tidy up the patio. Why go out and buy things when you can create something from things you already have? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping for pretty much anything, but I get great pleasure out of being resourceful and creative.

209/366: albino asparagus fern

The asparagus fern growing on the eastern side of the backyard originally came through under the fence from the neighbour’s garden. I like the delicate lacy fronds, although the thorns it carries are a dramatic contrast.

It grew well, particularly because we didn’t plant it ourselves. It crept up into the trusses of the pergola, which necessitated cutting it back. One piece that I didn’t pull down has now dried and faded to a beautiful creamy colour, hence the albino title, which complements the colour of the shadecloth and timber it is surrounded by.

188/366: kitten on the pergola

After we had built our fab new pergola, it deserved inspection by our kitten Shadow. He would climb on next door’s shadecloth to have a thorough look.

Then he would miaow, wondering how to get down. Sometimes we would play his game and help him, while at other times we just left him to make his own way to the ground, which of course he always managed to do.

163/366: spot the addition

After we had the utility side of the house professionally landscaped, there was just one more thing we needed in order to hang our washing out in any season.

Can you spot the addition by looking at the before and after photos?

This was another example of recycling, as my clever husband utilised posts, other timber and roofing from the original pergola to create this area where we can hang out our washing with no fear of rain.


161/366: fab new pergola

My trips down Memory Lane are becoming a little more frequent lately. In Winter I spend less time in the garden, so it is fitting to remember past achievements.

Loving the pattern-paved concrete in the driveway, we decided to create an outdoor living area far superior to the patio and pergola we originally started with, although they served us well for over ten years.

We hired professionals to erect the trussed structure, which has become a fabulous outdoor entertaining area, and leads off from the family room right through to the garage, and has housed 21st birthday parties, along with 50th celebrations (or was that commiserations?).

Once painted, the next step would be the concrete.

Money well spent, once again.

160/366: two-fold task

Many of the projects in my garden involve at least two stages. This is due partly to the fact that I like to recycle, so sometimes one idea has to wait until another is ready to come to fruition. Then I can rearrange and reuse, two of my favourite pursuits.

The pavers used down the laundry side by Dimension Landscaping in yesterday’s post, pay the professionals, were from the original patio my husband laid in 1985. (See practically perfect patio.)

A plan for a newer, better pergola area than the one we had before was taking shape, which necessitated lifting the pavers.

One of the attractions of stone and pavers is that they can be reused in a different area.

76/366: place for a pergola

We had just had our second child by the time we could afford to erect a pergola in April 1990. The patio had already been laid for four years, so it was definitely time to enhance the entertainment area.

With some help from a mate, my husband built a fine rectangular pergola, with some laser-lite over the area near the door, for UV and rain protection. Lattice provided some privacy from the neighbours, as there were not many trees or bushes on either block at that stage. Another successful achievement!