344/366: watch out for reindeer on the patio

Although I am “going troppo” on the patio, because it is December I have made an exception by including some decorative reindeer, which are definitely not found in the tropics.

reindeer alert

It is a reminder of our northern hemisphere counterparts who have Christmas in winter, while we often sweat it out under our southern skies here in Australia.

235/366: goin’ troppo inside

When we first moved into this house twenty-seven years ago, we had a cane themed bedroom, which fulfilled my need for a tropical oasis. The cane chair and bedhead are long since gone, with only the palm and lattice printed mirror surviving the intervening years.

Now that I’m goin’ troppo outside, let’s jump in the time machine and take a wander back to the late 80’s. I love the technology that enables us to scan a picture and then upload it into cyberspace. Back in 1986 when I took these photos with film, who would have believed that we would come this far?