1/52: yum – plum jam

After netting the plum trees and picking about a kilogram of less-than-ripe plums just after Christmas, I allowed them to ripen up for a week or so, before making jam yesterday. I am really happy with Batch #1.

plum jam

This morning I picked another two kilograms, concentrating on choosing fruit that was peeking through the netting and tantalising birds.

some plums too close to the net

After doing this, the net is now providing a better barrier for the rest of the fruit as it ripens and becomes even more appealing to our winged friends.

removed the protruding plums Having just made one batch, suddenly I have another basketful awaiting my attention.

2 kg of plums ready for jam

As plums ripen, it may be necessary to add some pectin, the setting agent, such as lemon, tartaric acid, or even a commercially bought jamsetta. Less mature fruit has plenty of pectin but requires more sugar. A mixture of fruit is good, to provide enough pectin and enough flavour. My first batch has a rather thick consistency, proving there was plenty of pectin available.

This year I am committing to posting weekly on princessprattles.com, usually on Wednesdays. That way I can have “weekly on Wednesdays” in my head as a reminder to myself.