162/366: a fitting finish

With the fabulous new pergola built, more pattern-paved concrete was the next step.

The sleeper retained beds were extended by adding a row of curved bluestones to create a pleasing and lasting effect. It’s always a good idea to make a path as wide as you can, along which two people can easily walk side by side.

The base colour concrete was laid, and then powders of different colours were spread across it to make a nice mix. Marigold was one of the powders used, while continuing the burgundy theme. Then the concrete was pressed into the pattern of paving, creating a great look with an easy-care finish.

The gumboots look hysterical, but at least they provide protection from the wet concrete.

Finally, the royal cat seal of approval is a fitting finish.

151/366: delightful designer driveway

When you build a Grand Garage, you must design a Delightful Driveway to complement it.

Driving through various neighbourhoods, there was a driveway I admired, so I approached the owners to find out that Scoresby Paving was responsible for it. Remember William the Conqueror? This was Ernie the Concreter, whose motto may well have been: “I came, I saw, I concreted.”

We had always liked the look of brick paving, but pressed concrete is a great way to get the look of paving, without any weeds growing in between, because it is all sealed. Fifteen years later the colour is a little faded, and a few minor cracks have developed, primarily due to the drought of 2009, but it still provides an attractive and practical backdrop to the garden.