291/366: edging, the finishing touch

I love adding a little creativity and originality to my garden. While doing so, I look for ways to make the completed project as low maintenance as possible.

In the case of the serial planting in yesterday’s post I didn’t want mulch too close to the bluestone edge, as cats and birds digging around could make the mulch spill over onto the brick path, meaning more sweeping. Sloping the mulch up away from the river stones, I then added some underlay in the form of black polypropolene supermarket bags, which I cut to size, to form a barrier between the soil and the pebbles to avoid weed growth; two problems addressed simultaneously.

By spreading the larger pebbles across the surface there will be little gaps which  could be topped up with tiny pebbles for more thorough coverage.

251/366: easy weeding

I love it when a project is completed and the purpose for its completion is fulfilled. Such is the case of the area of garden where I put pavers and pebbles to permanently cut down on weeds. It’s funny though; you sometimes write a post that you are really pleased with, as in the case of that previous one, and yet you only get one like on it, which goes to show that the effort you put into a post cannot always be measured by the reception it gets.

That was four months ago, and by now it would have been chockers with weeds, had I not done this project. As it is, I merely plucked out a handful of weeds and the job was done.

Now that’s what I call a successful result. Not only is it rather attractive, but useful as well, just as I try to be!

234/366: finishing touches

With the main work done, I love putting finishing touches to any project. That’s often when I can let my imagination and creativity flow.

In this case I edged the bluestone edge with more pebbles, again to avoid mulch spilling over onto the concrete. The random bluestone rocks are from up in the back yard, where they were piled up in what used to be the pond. Since there was a double layer of rocks, I could access the top ones and still leave the base of the ex-pond covered.

Then, to dress up the bamboo blind that is a little shabby, as it is recycled, I reused some green arches and artificial flowers to create a little pattern on the fence. Until the palm tree grows this will fill the gap quite nicely.


226/366: cyclone sandi

The Cyclone Sandi to which I make reference is a non-meteorological one. It relates to the mess I have made of the patio. As I mentioned the other day, all I was going to do was put some more pebbles down,but I got carried away.

However, after I pruned the bush I realised it no longer suits this spot, particularly if I am going with the tropical theme, so I made the executive decision to pull it out. Since my husband was at work, I couldn’t utilise his strength, so set about it myself. Every now and then I would go outside to tackle it in stages with my trusty mattock. Lots of swinging meant I had to have regular rests, but eventually I loosened it all enough to get the plant out, leaving that area ready for some palms. Goody, goody. A little more research and I’ll be good to go!


171/366: giant river pebbles

Yes, yes, I know that giant river pebbles are actually river stones or river rocks, but somehow this title struck a chord with me. If you are familiar with my blog/s, you may have noticed that I seem to enjoy creating the titles of each post.

Many years ago when I was deciding on a career to follow, one of my ideas was to go into advertising. That never happened, but over the years in other areas I have designed logos and mottos anyway, but now I get to make some cutesy and hopefully sometimes clever titles every day, thanks to blogging.

Back to the story of the giant river pebbles. The other day I was fortunate enough to get a pile of rocks. From the same neighbours, because they had sold the rear land behind their house, I was able to dig out a whole lot of these stones that otherwise would have been bulldozed away. Recycling, way to go!

I reversed up the drive, and loaded them straight into the boot of my little hatchback on some tarp. Again, more ideas for other corners of the garden abound. Stay tuned!

130/366: mission accomplished

Further to 96/366: planning a project, I am pleased to announce that it was a successful mission. A few sessions were required to complete the task, as I had to dig out where the pavers would go, try to make them fairly level and square, plant the mondo grass and add the river pebbles. Ah, the satisfaction that comes with a completed project is sublime!

102/366: another project completed

A sense of achievement prevails with task completion. This time we enlarged the area near the washline and eradicated the mulch. Guess what I used to do this? River pebbles, of course. We laid the extra row of pavers on a bed of concrete, after chipping away the outer edge of the previous row.

I had fun using the level and tapping the pavers down so that they were even.

Now the concrete has set really well, so today I finished off the project with those lovely river pebbles and a couple of chairs from the patio that have seen better days.

97/366: renovating the renovation


I was never entirely happy with this spot near the porch, (from my blog 53/366 “gotta love those pebbles”), so when I purchased a new cream concrete bench on ebay last week, it was time to renovate the renovation.

My plan was to hide the pipes from the now defunct watering system. Though the water restrictions are relaxed now, in Melbourne we pay for water we use.  Therefore, if we can conserve it, it’s good for both the environment and the wallet.

This surface was a bit too speckled for my liking, so I decided to alter it.

Dabbing paint on with a stencil brush was not very successful..

Perhaps this called for a proper coat of paint, to match the timber on the porch? I used Dulux Weathershield in Colorbond Wheat.

That was much better, but I left the edges speckled for variety, and to help co-ordinate with the supports.

After pruning the Greenstead Magnificent to allow room to sit comfortably, I re-used some rocks from other parts of the garden to form a border for the stones.

Now all that was left to do was open up my ten bags of river pebbles and spread them out over layers of newspaper to prevent weeds getting through.

This time I am very satisfied with the result.

96/366: planning a project

Rather than rushing headlong into a project, it is generally a good idea to have the seed of an idea, let it germinate and grow and evolve into something workable.

In this case I am going to use some new square grey pavers, in addition to some offcuts of pavers I already had – a mixture of old and new. Then I will add some river pebbles, again helping protect the path from an overflow of mulch.

Planting some dwarf mondo grass in between the pebbles and pavers is the main part I need to work out, since I have temporarily laid out the pavers where I want them to go.

Now I just need to decide the best placement of the dwarf mondo grass, and see if I need to purchase any more to complete the project. Sounds like a good activity over the Easter break.


91/366: stoned again

With my love for river pebbles reaching fever pitch, I am gradually replacing some areas of mulch with (obviously) longer-lasting stones.

Using the mini pebbles in this narrow garden between the path and the bluestone wall means there is less space for weeds to sneak through than if I used the larger version.

I have planted some dwarf mondo grass along the way as a little feature clump at intervals to add some easy-care greenery. The tag promises they won’t grow too large, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, there is room for some growth.