17/52: no arch enemies here

 As with serial planting, a recurring theme or two can help unify your landscaping and decorating into a complete unit. My fondness for arches is evident in my garden.

Starting with the front door and welcome sign, through to the back yard with a variety of arches, the theme continues. arches in my garden (13)

arches in my garden

The garage has two arches, in the form of both the window and the side door.

arches in my garden (9)

arches in my garden (11)

The patio features a number of arches, with a cane unit, fence and table decorations.

arches in my garden (2)

arches in my garden (10)

arches in my garden (12)

  arches in my garden (4) Even the doormat is arched.

arches in my garden (7)

My little propagating area is decorative and functional.

arches in my garden (14)

I think my favourite is the arch over which I have trained asparagus fern.

arches in my garden (8)Then, past the patio and pergola area another arch leads to the rest of the back yard.

arches in my garden (3)

The original arch in our yard was probably the rose arbour, which set off this continuing love of arches. And, knowing me, it’s not over yet!

arches in my garden (5)

342/366: rose arbour renovation

In 2009, the decision was made. The rose arbour as it was had come to the end of its useful life, so we decided to get rid of the back half of it. (82/366: renovate or relegate?)

This entailed expanding the paver path out to the width of the now single-arched rose arbour, removing the sleepers, and edging it in beautiful bluestones.



Sleepers removed and ready for edging 2009

The plan takes shape 2009

Bluestone edging past the rose arbour begins 2009 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

308/366: roses are red

In the rose garden in the backyard we were greeted to a lovely sight on our return from our two week holiday in Thailand.

Roses are renowned for being ready for the Spring Racing Carnival in Victoria, and ours are no different.

I only noticed today that the red of the rosebush I received one Mother’s Day is the same shade as the one on the rose arbour. What a lovely coincidence.

173/366: the upper bluestone bed

Back in the 90’s, prior to the construction of the bluestone-edged steps, we had planted out the upper bluestone bed. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in our garden this is very much the rule. In this case the whole procedure took months to complete, tackling one segment at a time.

Later, with the addition of some beautiful, bright marigolds, this section of the garden was complete. On any list of things to do, as soon as one thing is completed, another item or two suddenly appears on the bottom of said list. Ironic, isn’t it?

135/366: the rose arbour cometh

While the kids were young, for our wedding anniversary each year, we would steal away for a romantic weekend. In January 1993, for our eighth anniversary, we stayed at The Cottage at Sherbrooke House, up in the Dandenongs. It was situated next door to a plant nursery, and we fell in love with the rose arbour that took you through to Statues. Naturally, we set about planning how we could make one ourselves.

My husband is a handy man, so together we devised a template of arches, which we had professionally prepared. With help from Peter, the rose arbour came to fruition towards the end of that year. The front section still stands to this day; the fate of the rest of it is detailed on day 82: renovate or relegate?

82/366: renovate or relegate?

The rose arbour was becoming a problem. At the rear end it was leaning to one side due to the weight of the overgrown climbing rose, and it was too high and too late to try and start pruning the rose, as we didn’t have a ladder high enough. Then, if we did actually prune it, we still had the wonky posts to consider.

Decision made, we compromised and got rid of the back and sides of the rose arbour, leaving the front arch only, which always reminds me a little of the Stargate.                   Wish we could use it to travel to other planets!

80/366: the 1999 garden

Back in 1999 I took a photo of the garden in the back yard between the bottom tier and the middle tier. We had a feature tree, Michaela Doltsopa, which was an Australian native similar to a magnolia.

The rose arbour was a great idea, but we should have kept it pruned sufficiently. I guess it added to the semi-jungle effect. In those days I certainly didn’t spend the same amount of time in the garden as I can and do now.