1/14: wishing you a rosy new year

Into the second month of summer in Melbourne as we enter the year 2014, it is ironic that I am posting photos of roses against an azure sky. The reality is somewhat different, as I am looking out the window at a bleak sky and steady rain. However, I am not too perturbed, as it is fantastic for the garden, and I have plenty of things to do inside.

The Christmas tree has been undressed and dismantled, all the other decorations put away, and my first batch of plum jam for the season has been made. I even went to Zumba; a great start to the new year. But don’t think I am over-efficient, as I started taking down the decorations a few days ago.

As the title suggests, I wish you all a Happy New Year with the hope that you can fulfill all your goals and dreams in 2014 and beyond.

peach roses offset by an azure sky these roses are just peachy white roses