360/366: the festivities continue

As if to wish me a Merry Christmas, yesterday Zorro jumped up onto the coffee table where I had put the poinsettias temporarily and sat directly behind them. He stayed there while I raced to get my camera, seemingly knowing that I would love to have a festive shot for my blog for Christmas Day.

Zorro posed for this all by himself

Even Shadow had a go, although he wasn’t as centrally located, but cute nevertheless.

Shadow gets in on the acttable set for Christmas lunch

I love setting the table for a festive occasion.

ready for Christmas lunchSharing Christmas with family is special, and a lovely spread was enjoyed by all.

mine - yum

roast Christmas lunchMerry Christmas from Sandi Claus.

359/366: wishing you mulch joy

Know thy limitations could be an alternate title. Why do we try to get so many things done “by Christmas”? I have mentioned before that I work best to a deadline, but sometimes you also have to be realistic.

This was the pile of mulch with a deadline, again extended because really, what’s the difference? Family coming to share Christmas Day will not be judging me by my pile of mulch, and if they do, there may be no Christmas pudding for them!

doesn't look muchstill 2 - 3 cubic metres to go

It looks so much less than when we started:

mountain of mulch

So instead of finishing the pile, with more important things to do like wrap presents, some last-minute housework, extra decorations and food preparation, I made it part of the festivities, which is why I wish you mulch joy at Christmas, love Sandi Claus.


mulch joy at Christmas



358/366: my Christmas tree 2008

In 2008 I bought a new Christmas tree, a beautiful silver one, which I lovingly decorated with silver, red and black ornaments. It was time for a revamp of the old, which meant largely getting rid of a mish-mash of tired old baubles and tree. At that time I worked at Myer department store and being surrounded by all the beautiful decorations I couldn’t help buying plenty. I will have them for years to come, although this year I have only put my small green one up. It’s good to have variety, but I was especially happy with the new look in 2008.

My new Christmas tree 2008

Merry Christmas from Sandi Claus!

looking thru the window