193/366: they came, they saw, they concreted

Our beautiful new bluestone barbecue needed a suitable entertainment area to surround it, so in November 1999, we called on our favourite concreters, Scoresby Paving, to come and pour some more concrete.

To go with the bluestone theme, we chose grey pattern paving, which also provided a good contrast for the colours in the garden.

One of our theories was less grass also meant less mowing.

Taking a leap forward in time to 2012, the concrete has lasted extremely well, and the weathered look of the pavers on the steps gives one a sense of history.

151/366: delightful designer driveway

When you build a Grand Garage, you must design a Delightful Driveway to complement it.

Driving through various neighbourhoods, there was a driveway I admired, so I approached the owners to find out that Scoresby Paving was responsible for it. Remember William the Conqueror? This was Ernie the Concreter, whose motto may well have been: “I came, I saw, I concreted.”

We had always liked the look of brick paving, but pressed concrete is a great way to get the look of paving, without any weeds growing in between, because it is all sealed. Fifteen years later the colour is a little faded, and a few minor cracks have developed, primarily due to the drought of 2009, but it still provides an attractive and practical backdrop to the garden.