348/366: seasons greetings from shadow

It was Shadow’s turn for my attempt at a Christmas photo shoot. I saw him sitting in Zorro’s spot on the patio and quickly threw some decorations around him.

Maybe I could decorate Shadow

However, one of the first snaps I took turned out the best, except that it showed his hair, sorry fur, thinning, but at least it was in focus.

best of the bunch

He was being decidedly uncooperative, and I was having trouble focussing because he kept moving his head. The funniest shot was him looking like he was auditioning for a part in The Exorcist, or some Hallowe’en movie. Sometimes the most candid or unplanned photos can be the best.

shades of the exorcist

As Christmas draws inexorably nearer, Sandi Claus, or in this case Sandi Claws, wishes you the best of the season.

79/366: look through the arched window

Anybody who is familiar with an Australian children’s television show called “Play School” would know what this title is about. In part of the program they choose which window to look through for that day. Perhaps it was because my children loved this program that I developed an affinity for arched windows?

This window is in the side of the garage, but what I love about it is the garden reflected in the glass, so that it almost looks like you are looking through the window into an alternate reality. Shades of Alice in Wonderland there, I think.

One of our adorable cats, Shadow, completes the picture.