54/366: lovely lilies

When someone gave me some bulbs about five years ago I wasn’t sure what they were, but they grew et voila, they were lilies. I am not sure what type they are, but thank goodness they are not of the smelly variety. I’ve tried to do some internet research and I believe the ones that stink and give me a headache could be the Stargazer variety. Grateful for the lack of odour of these white lilies, I can enjoy them close up. The name doesn’t really matter, but if anyone can suggest it to me, please add a comment, as I do like to know the names of plants in my garden.

One of the things I love about bulbs is they look after themselves to a large degree. It’s always interesting how the leaves sprout, and look pretty, before they die down and the flowers come. Then there is a spectacular mass of white flowers to appreciate, and the beauty of it is that they keep multiplying.