57/366: let the bobcat begin

It would be three years since the initial temporary tiering of the back yard before we could continue doing it properly. In the meantime we had accomplished the patio, a brick letter box, the front garden, the side picket fence and the picket gates at the end of the driveway, and furniture and curtaining inside. Oh yes, and had our adorable first baby, who was the greatest achievement of the lot!

We hired a guy with a bobcat to do the major shaping, scooping and levelling of the three tiers. Sleepers and a couple of feature rocks would form the retaining wall for the ground level, near the patio. Beyond that the main thing that we knew we wanted eventually was a bluestone wall and steps leading up to the second tier. But wait and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


41/366: let’s landscape

After the barrel drains had been replaced down the western fence, we eagerly started the beginning of much landscaping to our property. The block measures over 1000 square metres, or nearly a third of an acre, so there was plenty to work with.

When the workmen had finished the drainage, they kindly did some initial sectioning of the back into roughly three tiers, for the consideration of a couple of slabs of beer. This would form the basis of the entire backyard. At that stage we were working on the Big Picture; the specifics would come later.