214/366: on a roll

I remember years ago sending old cardboard boxes off to the Primary School for the artroom, where the kids would make all sorts of wonderful creations, and quite often you would end up with the same boxes that you had sent to school, just in a different form! Then of course you felt obliged to have them on display for a reasonable length of time.

When doing a cleanout, I used to take photos of this artwork for posterity, which takes a lot less space than the actual item.

There came a time when you were no longer allowed to send old toilet rolls due to health regulations, which if you think about it is a little far-fetched. Toilet germs don’t jump out from the bowl and attach themselves to the inner roll I am pretty sure.

I had been putting said toilet rolls in the paper recycling when suddenly I got the idea to use them as little biodegradable potting tubes.

The rosemary cuttings I took in March have taken good root. I have now transplanted them into these rolls, as I plan to make a little rosemary hedge under the rear bay window, just outside my sewing room.

When I do that, I will then be able to remove the mother plant and replace it with something else.